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About Us

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Our Family

In the central Colombian mountains, Gabriel and Flor Mendoza began 35 years ago with coffee cultivation. Some time ago, they started with the idea of producing high-quality, ecologically sustainable coffee and created their own brand of coffee: "Alma de Pasión," dedicated to the soul of Flor's mother: Pasión, the inspiration for this project.

Gabriel and Flor are in charge of coordinating their own coffee from ripe cherry harvesting to the proper process of fermentation, drying, and packaging. With the help of the effort of local families, who hand-pick the coffee beans. Now the younger generation is ready to take the family business to another level and Mendoza's daughter and her husband have been importing the coffee to Switzerland themselves for 18 months and can offer better prices and support in the region of origin.

Our philosophy is to bring directly our coffee here in Switzerland assuring transparency,  traceability, and high quality (our farms have international certificates such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ), which allows us to ensure the best quality for export, and at the same time create fair ans sustainable partnerships.

This coffee is the product of the effort and dedication of the Mendoza family directly to you.

Let’s Work Together

Burgunderstrasse 85, 3018 Bern 

Tel: 077 493 3020

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