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Growing Up

As every process always begins with a seed, which must be watered and cared for to become a tree and then grow to bear fruit: "the coffee beans".



A very important task in selecting just the real Ripe cherry , which is the Red one.



Coffee farming is tough work, and growing coffee from seed to harvest is only part of the job. Once the coffee is harvested, the Art starts: processing.

We use a prolonged fermentation to highlight the best aromas and notes of our coffee. 

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Handpicking should always be done at the right point of ripeness. If it is harvested too early, the bean will not be at its ideal ripening point and therefore its sweetness and characteristic flavors will not be fully developed.

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Afterwards, the depulping (separation of the mucilage from the cherry) and fermentation processes must be very careful in order to guarantee the adequate development of flavors.

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the grains are spread under the sun on raised beds or in "merquesina" for drying. In the case of honey process coffees, drying takes place while part or all of the mucilage is still covering the parchment; natural coffees are dried with their fruit and mucilage.

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